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Z Design has experience in working with companies from a variety of backgrounds and industries.

Wordpress Installations

Includes complete setup and configuration of Wordpress, installation and customisation of themes, multi-user access, email address creation for whole organisation, mailing list software, calendars, and other relevant tools.

Bexley North Football Club Kingsgrove Public School P&C Association Philipa Veitch
Hill End and Tambaroora Gathering Group    

Custom Built

Built from scratch and to individual specifications.

Strauss Property Development HoPALoNG
Occupational Therapy for Children
Pure Indulgence Boutique
Endeavour Harmony Chorus Endeavour Harmony Chorus Members Area Australian Institute of Biology
A# Sharp
Malibu Shade Sails Bodymoves A# Sharp Recording Studio
Crowson Monkwell Fabrics Australia Beata Geyer
Visual Artist
Kool Bananas
Corporate Focus Eternity Music R2K - Return To Kogarah
Aus Music Web Site    


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